Damilola Fasoranti

I disrupt — this is now my public hobby.

The questions that is always on my mind and mouth is, ‘how can I help young people translate their ideas into action?’, ‘how can I make learning more desirable and fun in this 21st Century?’, ‘how can I work with communities to connect their potentials for them to empower themselves?’ These kinds of questions made me ditch the usual ‘get-a-certificate, get-a-job and get-married lifestyle’ after I finished my graduate studies in Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, Nigeria. I concluded that there’s more to life than a certificate and an occupation.

In 2015, I relocated to India on a scholarship to Kanthari International, to deepen my knowledge about social entrepreneurship and I had the opportunity to work with young people at Project DEFY in rural Bangalore, India.

Thereafter, I returned to Nigeria and founded Prikkle Academy. I am pro-actively working with an impressive team of young Nigerians to raise about 1,000 creative and innovative young people in the next 5 years to solve community problems across Nigeria. Recently, with 10 rural youths, I created the first Bamboo Solar Lamps in Benue State, Nigeria.

My vision of creating innovation centers which doubles as a hub for problem-solvers in the rural communities of Africa is inspiring and very useful as a social change program to reshape education and the perception of rural community dwellers.

I am a catalyst at the Asia Pacific Institute of Coaching, Australia. I have volunteered for several organizations such as Voluntary Service Overseas, Global Shapers, One African Child and Development Synergy. I am a member of several global communities such as AIESEC, Voice of Youth, World Merit, Ye! Community and WorldPulse.