Welcome To Prikkle Academy

Prikkle Academy is a registered non-governmental organisation in Nigeria that establishes creative centres that stimulate and inspire young people to collaborate, identify the social problems within their community, freely choose their own tools and become problem-solvers through virtual and peer-to-peer learning.

Raising young community builders

We believe that quality, tailored, relevant and anticipated education is the bedrock for any sustainable development in the world. That is why we are at the forefront, leading the change that we want to see in the world.

Collaborative Community Project


Empowering rural youths and young adults to translate their “education” into sustainable solutions.

Hello! and welcome to Prikkle Academy…inspiring community builders

We are using an unconventional form of education to transform ideas and knowledge that has been described as ‘what if, it can happen’ into ‘why not, we are making it happen’.

Our Vision

We envision an Africa where rural youths are community builders, valued by everybody and can play a critical role in national development.

Our Mission

We establish creative hubs with rural youths where people can collaborate and solve tangible community problems through their own learning, both peer to peer and virtual.

Our Approach

We use asset-based and design thinking training to impart our youths to uncover personal strengths, unveil their community asset and vision, mobilize the local resources to solve social problems.

By 2021

Prikkle Academy has directly inspired 1000 African youths to create innovative solutions to community problems using personal, relevant, specific and anticipated education.

Why Raise Young People As Community Builders?

Children are no longer the leaders of tomorrow but the actors of development for today. We are championing the development of African youths that doesn’t pride in the number of certificates they have acquired, but in the impact they have made in their community through their education and learning.

We are using an intensive hybrid approach of education to empower young people in the community and schools, to connect the knowledge in their head and the experiences in their lives with the valuable resources in their local environment to create innovative social solutions such as products, tools, services, businesses or jobs.

We are raising creative thinkers that can disrupt the norms of learning, young minds that will throw off the educational ‘box’ completely. At Prikkle Academy, young people are able to collaborate with other active citizens like themselves that understand their community and are excited to create the solutions that they are thirsty for. If we are to prepare successfully for the twenty-first century we will have to do more than just improve literacy and numeracy skills. We need a broad, flexible and motivating education that recognises the different talents of all children and delivers excellence for everyone.

Some of our recent work and innovative solutions are in the News section. You can also learn about our Collaborative Community (CC) and Innovative Classroom Programs.

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