Collaborative Community Program

This program is an intensive 3-month boot camp and 1-month project development for rural out-of-school youths and young adults to empower them to translate their “education” into sustainable social solutions. These solutions range from business creation, fabrication of new technologies and innovative solutions to human basic needs.


Picture Caption: Participants in Afon, Asa LGA, Kwara State, Nigeria using rea life illustration to learn about the flow of personal and community money | October 2016.

This high-quality training, which is first-of-its-kind in rural Nigeria helps the participants to be aware and do a detailed asset inventory (instead of the usual needs assessment) of themselves and of their community. These assets, expertise, strengths and talents are then mobilized into action to solve problems within the local community.

Prikkle Academy - Peanut Training Over The Phone2

Picture Caption: Participants in Mbagishi Community, Vandeikya, Benue State, Nigeria learn how to turn groundnut into packaged peanuts through a phone call | April 2016.

The training is hands-on, where the facilitator is a learner and the participants take the teacher’s role. Everyone has something to say, everyone develops a listening ear to empathize and nothing is completely right or wrong. Learning is fun and unconventional.


Picture Caption: Participants in Afon, Asa LGA, Kwara State, Nigeria using pictures and symbols form newspapers to identify their community resources and assets | November 2016.

Though, the Collaborative Community (CC) program is a 4-month program, which is designed to put into the hands of the youths and community people the tools that will continuously help them to proffer solutions to community problems, the post-program phase is lifelong learning and sharing between Prikkle Academy and the host community.

The participants are now ready to work with our community (or virtual) mentors, teachers and have access to innovative educational resources to start a project as individuals or as a team. The projects usually have a connection to solving a personal, household or community problem.

Some of the outcomes of this training are:

  • Creation of new businesses
  • Fabrication of innovative technologies
  • New thirst for learning and education
  • Opening up of lifelong learning opportunities
  • Increased rate of technology adoption and penetration
  • Improved standard of living
  • New investments/diversified economy

You can read in the news section of this website some of the lessons, insights and actions that are happening through our Collaborative Community Program.

If you are inspired to join our team as we empower young people in rural communites to transform their skill, talents and basic education into social solutions and enterprises, click HERE to come onboard.