About Our Boards.

Okechukwu Jake Effoduh

Okechukwu has 10 years’ experience in the use of traditional media for development and five years in legal strategy and human development. He has been a freelance radio presenter with the BBC Media Action since 2006 anchoring the weekly programme “Talk Your Own Make Naija Better” which is aired on 120 radio stations in Nigeria with more than 30 million listeners tuning in weekly.

He is the Assistant Director of the Council on African Security and Development (CASADE). CASADE is a non-profit research-driven collectivity of experts and academics that carry a specific project and offer guidance and counsel to African ministries, universities and international organizations. Jake heads the Nigerian office.

He is a consultant with Synceritas, the world’s premier human rights based intelligence profiling used to reduce exposure to unethical transactions in business enterprises globally. He sits as a board member in Prikkle Academy and designs the strategic plan of our programs.

Okechukwu holds a Masters’ Degree in International Human Right Law, University of Oxford, UK. He is the Winner of 2015 Africa Youth Choice Award for Human Rights and Advocacy, and the recipient of the 2013 Best in Humanity Service, Nigerian Young Entrepreneurs Award.



Oluwatimilehin Onafeso

Oluwatimilehin is a development specialist and the Founder of Spring Africa, a youth-focused NGO that empowers vulnerable children and young people across Africa to unleash their talents/potentials towards personal development, community development and nation-building.

She is a certified Social Entrepreneur from Kanthari International, an institute for empowering social entrepreneurs in Kerala State, India. Her social work spans over several countries in Africa and Asia. She has a first degree in Plant Science, and a Masters in Public Health from University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

She is a people person, and an advocate of child’s rights and gender equity. She has a passion for empowering Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), street children and vulnerable youth in the communities. She also has a strong interest in Youth and Leadership Development. She sits as a Board member in Prikkle Academy and supports our networking activities with other organizations around the world.

Oluwatimilehin is a member of Carrington Youth Fellowship Alumni Network (CYFAN), an initiative of the U.S. Consulate General Lagos – Nigeria, and an alumna of WIN with WISCAR, a mentoring program in Lagos – Nigeria for entry/mid-career professional women.

She enjoys traveling across different cultures and meeting people of different tribes and languages. She believes that ‘Our strength lies in our differences; therefore racism and tribalism should be shunned in our societies.’

Damilola Fasoranti

Damilola is an award-winning educator, social entrepreneur and writer, with 10 years of experience of interfacing with citizens, public and private institutions in Africa to create sustainable solutions to global problems.

He is the Founder and Chief Listener at Prikkle Academy, where he co-creates open innovation hubs with rural stakeholders to uncover their potentials, then mobilize it to create street-smart solutions.

In 2017, he launched Nigeria’s first solar-powered grassroots innovation hub (called a makerspace) to unleash the ingenuity, talent and passion in Nigerian youths. He have reached more than 10,000 students and professionals in 20+ countries in Africa engaging communities to create home-grown projects through innovative global thinking.

Some of the innovative projects he hasimplemented include turning human feaces into charcoals, creating organic fertilizers from kitchen ‘waste’, installing plastic bottles in rural communities as solar light, unveiling talents through HCD, vegetable-cutting machine made out of trash and local materials.

Based on the innovations, he was selected as the Pioneer Country Director (Nigeria) by the International Organization of Business and Engineering (IOBE), Bangladesh to spread this innovation in 150+ Nigerian Universities via tech and business and projects

He is a 2015 kanthari Fellow, 2017 Fellow at the Dalai Lama Fellow and 2017 Fellow at the Social Innovators Programme of LEAP Africa, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a 2018 Laddership Fellow at Service Space, 2018 Global People’s Fellow and 2018 African Changemaker Fellow.

About Our Board of Advisors

Jacquiline Lidonde

Jacquiline Lidonde is the Founder of Voluculture a Social impact consulting company in Nairobi, Kenya where she provides foundations, companies and nonprofits with philanthropic advisory and grant-making services.

She works with donors, funding institutions, businesses and nonprofits to offer customized solutions in areas of Individual and Family Philanthropy, Nonprofit Consulting and Business Philanthropic Advisory. Jacquiline also work with Civil Society Organizations in areas of organizational infrastructure strengthening.

She has over 15 years of combined experience in Charitable investing and planning, retirements and benefits planning, sales, margin trading portfolio support and management, SEC and NYSE compliance on margin products, trade execution, nonprofit management and philanthropic advisory.

She holds a Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management and a Master’s in Business Administration from UMUC.

Paul R. Sachs

Paul R. Sachs is a nonprofit executive and independent consultant and trainer. He is the former Senior Executive Director of Merakey – Philadelphia a division of Merakey, a nonprofit organization for underserved individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders and intellectual disabilities.
He is founder of ReidSachs, a consulting, training and mentoring practice. He is also a licensed psychologist with specialty in rehabilitation psychology.
Paul was mentor for Fellows from the Mandela Washington Fellowship for three years. In 2016 received a reverse exchange to provide mental health training in Ethiopia and a planned second exchange for Nigeria in 2021. He has co-authored several book chapters, articles and one edited book with young African colleagues in the areas of corporate governance and social
responsibility. He believes that if he is not learning, he is not living. And learning is of no use unless it can be shared with others, provokes the mind and sparks creativity. Creativity not only open doors, but also makes doorways in places where there were none. Paul has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University.