Innovative Classroom Project

Prikkle Academy Innovative Classroom Project is an ongoing Project all year round, especially when schools are in session.

This project takes our team to Primary, Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions each week (especially in rural communities) to empower the students to think, create, build and transform local materials for fun and as learning tools.

Prikkle Academy -Innovative Classroom - Flying birds made of paper

Picture: Primary 4 to 6 Students of LGA Mbagishi School, Vandeikya, Benue State, Nigeria using paper to form toys and creative materials | April 2016.

We create a mini-makerspace in the school compound or work from an open solar-powered space within a community where young people in rural areas of Nigeria can use digital, technical and artistic tools to collaborate and drive community development.

A typical first session in our innovative classroom project looks like this;

  • Organise the class into a circular sitting arrangement for easy collaboration and teaming up.
  • For a 90 minutes session, bring a few materials (trash) into the class from their locality.
  • +Paper +Straw +Wood (Bamboo) +Plastics +Ropes +Leaves, Plants or Grasses
  • Ask the participants how they think these materials are valuable and still useful in their communities.
  • Tell them a partial story of a few things the materials you brought to the class can be transformed into.
  • Show them any video/picture of the final product without the process to allow their creative imagination to be triggered, let insights pour into their minds like a mighty rushing wind.
  • Document their improvements.
  • Find the ones that aren’t so interested (What would they like to do instead? Some sports or little exercises, maybe?)

If you have been thinking of ways to use your creative abilities to help children learn better, enjoy learning and lead successful lives, you can join us to make your dream come through. Then, click HERE to join our Volunteer Team.