Become a Prikkle Academy Volunteer

You are welcome to Prikkle Academy’s Volunteer Portal.

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your skill, talent and expertise with the world in a meaningful way? Do you want to put your knowledge into action, but don’t know how? We have something exciting for you!

Prikkle Academy Volunteer

We are a team of young people that is constantly looking out for other creative minds around the world to colour the canvas of our work with their ingenuity. You can share your ideas, expertise, time and skills with us at Prikkle Academy virtually (from the comfort of your home) or physically.

Please use the form below to send us your application. We accept volunteers on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The basic requirements to volunteer with Prikkle Academy include;

  • Good spoken and written English.
  • Must be between 18 and 36 years old.
  • Ability to take initiatives and ask ‘hard’ questions.
  • Passionate about youth, education, community and sustainable development.

For all the volunteering roles at Prikkle Academy, when you deliver according to the plan, you will gain access to the following:

  • A letter of recommendation from our Executive Director.
  • List the outcome of your work with us on your CV.
  • Potential Job opportunity.
  • Training (in-house, with our partners both national and international).
  • Prikkle Academy’s Toolbox that gives us an edge in the industry.

Below are the current volunteer roles at Prikkle Academy.

  1. Social Media Ambassador/Manager (Remote/Virtual Role) – For 3 to 6 months.

Are you superb when it comes to using words, pictures, videos and other media assets to get the attention of people? We have been looking for you!

You will be in charge of developing, implementing and managing our social media strategy. Your 3 to 5 hours per week with us will be to weave out amazing social media content – that can get people inspired and make them take the desired action. You should be in the know about the latest social media best practices and technologies.

Would you like to attend social media-related educational conferences (online and offline), to keep polishing your social media skills? We have all that for you. In any case, you should know how to use tools such as Buffer, Canva, Inshot and others. Be eager to collaborate with other team members.

If you have made professional solutions happen the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, then we would like to have you on board.

Please, scroll to the form below and sign up.

  1. Research Assistant (Remote/Virtual Role) – For 3 to 6 Months.

Do you like to be a detective that can dig into anywhere and find out hidden information? Do you use Search Engines differently from everyday people? We need you.

You will support our team at Prikkle Academy in conducting experiments, gathering and analyzing educational information and data that we need from time to time. You should love spreadsheets and preparing graphs and presentations to tell people in simple ways the data you have collated.

Your eyes should be of an eagle, you can observe and pick out what everyone didn’t notice and you have a flair for checking facts, proofreading and editing research documents to ensure accuracy.

If you can use any analytical tool, that would be exciting! If you know how to create a database that we will need from time to time, you are the plug we need for our education socket.

You can all keep records intact and beautifully arranged? Then, scroll down to the form below and apply.

  1. Community Champion. – 4 to 8 Months

You have some connection to young people and children in your community, you have been thinking of engaging these youths, but you don’t know how to go about it?

Prikkle Academy wants to launch a program in your community!

You will help us to help you in mobilizing young people in your community to create action by gathering information about youths, development programs and youths activities in your community. Then, you measure and evaluate program impacts (and write the report for the same).

Generally, you should have an enviable connection to your local community (and have access to key stakeholders), you should have lived in that community for more than 6 months.

Do you have what it takes to mobilize resources (physical, financial, etc) to run programs and projects? Then, please apply below to become a Prikkle Academy Volunteer.