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Looking for an opportunity to share your skill, talent and expertise with the world in a meaningful way? Do you want to put your knowledge into action, but don’t know how? We have something exciting for you!


Skilled and looking to build your experience as a youth volunteer?


Want to join as a professional mentor or career coach?

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering helps you to grow your own leadership and professional abilities. You’re working on real projects, diverse teams and getting real-world practice to sharpen your skills. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to explore your gifts, skills, passion and new possibilities. 

What do volunteers get?

  • A letter of recommendation from our Executive Director.
  • List the outcome of your work with us on your portfolio.
  • Potential job opportunity.
  • Training (in-house, with our partners both national and international).
  • Prikkle Academy’s Toolbox gives you an edge in the industry.
  • Networking with the best in the development industry.

Want to sponsor our volunteer program?

Do you have links, resources and opportunities to share with us, to improve the experience, productivity and post-volunteer phase of our volunteers – it can be a donation, paid internship, job, projects, consulting roles, scholarships, fellowships or professional educational opportunities.

Feel free to reach out to our team.


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