Abubakar, Prikkle Academy Centre Manager.

It’s a new year! Phew, Prikkle Academy clocked 2 years old in January 2018.

We have had a great journey so far; we met failure on the way, it dragged us around and we eventually turned it into a huge success.

Join us as we make a recap of the highlights and lowlights of the year 2017 at Prikkle Academy.

–We brought back our Innovative Classroom Project

The school classes have been saturated with a lot of subjects that don’t give the child to express their creative minds. They have a whole lot to learn from the teachers and they don’t get the chance to express their innovative spirit.

NYSC Nursery and Primary School, Afon, Kwara State.

Innovative Classroom project engages the school authorities to allow our team at Prikkle Academy to interface with the students to share, see and learn about their creative abilities.

We were able to reach out to 5 Primary and Secondary Schools in Afon, Kwara State, Nigeria. This innovative engagement led to…

–First-Ever Creative Children’s Day in Afon

After engaging the students for about 1 month, we were so excited to see that their creative mind was alert, awake and enthusiastic. We decided t take it a step farther.

May 27 of every year is to commemorate the Children’s Day and yes, we took that opportunity to bring together the students from the 5 schools to compete and collaborate on creativity standpoint.

Click HERE to catch a glimpse of how the celebration happened.

For the first time, a Creative Children’s Day happened in the Afon Community. Awesome!

 –We won ‘The Pollination Project’ Grant

We are glad to announce that The Pollination Project considered our work at Prikkle Academy worthy of being awarded their grant and we are super-excited to use this grant to co-create with the youths the first-ever grassroots makerspace in Nigeria.

You can read a snippet about the award by clicking HERE

–We launched the Grassroots Makerspace

After about 8 months of speaking with and writing to the Officials at Asa Local Government, we got an approval to launch our makerspace in a 5-room government building; this is arguably the biggest breakthrough for us at Prikkle Academy in 2017.

We have the kids coming in to turn the gifts of their head, heart and hand into solutions that have the potential to becoming real businesses in the nearest future.

Read more about the story by clicking HERE

–Prikkle Academy selected as 1 of the Top 100 Social Enterprise Worldwide

We shared about this when it happened and we are pleased to allow you to read up all about this by clicking the link HERE

Seeing that the work we do in rural Nigeria is being seen on a global front is indeed a pleasure and a push for us to do more.

Prikkle Academy Interactive Session


Now in 2018, we are hopeful for greater Impact, innovative solutions and creative possibilities. Be sure to scroll down and share your details with, so as not to miss out on any of our updates.

We will like to categorically appreciate the following people and organizations;

-Our board members (Effoduh Jake, Fasoranti Damilola and Onafeso Oluwatimilehin) for their support and insight to move Prikkle Academy forward.

Kanthari, India for mentoring, always being in touch with the progress of our Programs and financial support of our project in 2017.

Ye Community connected us to Coach Tineke Otter, she shared compelling pitching ideas and constantly fed us with raw wisdom to refine the impact of our activities.

-We are deeply grateful to Mrs Shalom Gbemisola, Dr Ayo Adeyeye, Mr Ibrahimpact Amuda for donating tools, resources and finance to run our projects in 2017. We can’t thank you enough. You showed up for us when it mattered the most.

Thank you, Moses Oluwanifise and Opoola Grace for visiting Prikkle Academy. A huge appreciation goes to Akinniyi Oluwasegun for relentlessly travelling down to impact our participants and running virtual classes with them.

-Youngstars Foundation, for giving us the tools and principles that helped us break the heart of the disengagement with the local Government and we finally got their approval to set up our Makerspace.

-LEAPAfrica, for showing us the systems that is required to get as many stakeholders as possible into the details of our programs, you helped us see that what we do has the potential to cause ripple effect of community solutions.


Thank you all for reading and being with us on this journey of opening up the beauty and creative genius in grassroots communities, starting from Nigeria.

Let’s do more in 2018.

Prikkle Academy…inspiring community builders.