Children deserve all the care, the love and the resources that they need to become successful and happy adults.

For the past year, schools and many adults have reduced the way for children to learn to only one – listen to instructions and do only what you are told to do.

Most children have been hindered to express their talents, wisdom and creativity.

At Prikkle Academy, we are changing this narrative because we know that quality, fun and relevant education can’t wait, it need to happy now and always.

With massive support and encouragement, these children will grow to become real problem-solvers in future.

On the 26th of May, 2017 we set out with about 300 Children from 6 government-owned primary schools in Kwara State, Nigeria to celebrate this year’s Children’s Day.

It was a bright and sparkling morning, the teachers and students were all set to pour out their creativity and innovation.

Prikkle Academy team had visited each of the schools to trigger their hands, heart and head on ways to turn basic household materials into beautiful and inspiring creations.

We started the creativity and innovation competition with a game called;

Free Hand Heavy Head Race: This game is to see how well the students can think, collaborate and implement their plans.

The game is done by 3 students in each team. They are to use their head to carry a table, without their hands supporting the table.

They are to from the starting point o another point, use their hand to pick up a stone, place it on the table and move quickly to the starting point.

Lesson Learned: The students didn’t plan enough, and for the team that planned, they didn’t implement their plans. In all, it was exciting to watch how they pulled through this game


Another interesting activity during the creativity and innovation competition was is called;

Water Crayon Painting: This activity tests how students can cope under pressure and unfavourable situations (in this case, wind).


In an open place, 3 students in each team are given 3 items – a full white cardboard, a candle, a full match box and 12 small-sized pieces of crayons.

The students are to light up the candles and turn the solid crayon into a liquid. In its liquid state, they are to use it to write the name of their schools on the white cardboard.

It was great to watch the collaborative efforts, the planning and the executions, the creativity and the ingenuity used for this activity.

In the picture below, you may notice some form of disappointment, anger, frustrations and pressure. All the team succeeded in at least writing a few letters using the liquid crayon.


Another exciting activity that got the students thrilled and curious, in fact, you may want to try out, is the;

Empty the Bucket Activity: The instructions for this activity require a lot of attention, observation, planning and patience to pull through.

This activity is to check the ability of the students to listen to an instruction, tweak it and work around how to make it happen in their own way.


The items provided include a bucket, several empty cans, and ropes. 3 students in each team will grab 3 ropes; tie it around a bucket, then using the ropes to carry the bucket to a table.

At the table, one of the students in each team uses his/her leg to drag off some empty cans into their bucket. The more empty cans they have pull off the table, the better.

The team carries the bucket, with the ropes attached to it and run to another table to empty the bucket using the ropes only. They are not allowed to use their hands to touch the bucket, but to work on the bucket using the ropes only.


Another one was creating shoes, slippers and shoe racks with cartons. For 25 minutes, these students were creating possibilities out of what is considered a ‘waste’. There is nothing like impossibilities with kids.


One other activity, that looks like a game was the Balloon Body Touch. Can you guess what this was about looking at the pictures below?


There were more games and activities that got all the participants inspired, smiling, having fun, learning and creating.

We had fun, the ids had fun. We learned, the kids learned. We are excited that the maker mindset is beginning to catch with children and youths in Kwara State, Nigeria.

We had some friends that came to grace the occasion. Special thanks to the team from HSKi (Home of Street Kids Initiative), led by Ma Funmi Omisope.


Let’s keep inspiring community builders.

Which of these games or activities will you like to try?

Write it in the comment section, we will be happy to share with you in full details how to make it happen.

Happy Children’s Day, 2018.