We had a #AskOurChampion Twitter chat with Humans of Prikkle Academy, over 10 days, for them to share their stories during the pandemic.

We are aware that during the coronavirus pandemic across the world, the world almost stood still. The young and old had to learn new skills and brush up on old ones.

We had a great time during the chat learning about the strides of our team, the challenges and the lessons they got over the last few months in 2020. We have captured their thoughts below and you can now read what they have shared.

Now, let’s meet our champions.

#AskOurChampion – Oluyomi Michael The Revamp

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself?

Michael: My name is Oluyomi, Olushola Michael, a student of University of Ilorin department of ICS. I am currently also an intern with Wallets Africa, a Company that provides a platform for seamless transactions both locally and internationally.

I am a tech-savvy person, and I love to see others grow. I am a humanitarian with a focus on taking tech education to rural and indigent communities in Nigeria.

Prikkle Academy: You had some time with us. How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy?

Michael: My Journey with @PrikkleAcademy has been educative and inspiring. It all started with a tweet here asking for applicant’s into the program, then we dived into several session of training, all which has really helped me grow

Before I joined the team, I was just a boy with the urge to make things and people better. But after I joined… I got a whole package of mentorship that has better equipped me for the visions I have.

Thanks to @FashDami and other mentors who are constantly ready to help when things get rough…? I’ve had several hours of calls with @FashDami at different times and he’s never tired of picking up. For me, @PrikkleAcademy is not just an Academy, but a home where future leaders are trained.

#AskOurChampion - Oluyomi Michael - Prikkle Academy

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “The Revamp” Can you share more about this?

Michael: Well, before the whole Covid-19 thing started, I had plans drafted out, communities listed for impact, planning and all. Just when everything was about to start getting interesting, this kicked off.

And the painful part was that we never really factored in times like this. So I had to go back to the drawing board. Looking through the skills set, devices and resources we’ve used in the past, I realize that most are outdated.

So for me, this season has been more of restructuring, learning more tools and getting ready for the next phase. All in all, I’ve had to unlearn a lot of things and learn new things.

Prikkle Academy: What are the things you have learned during the pandemic that you are holding on to now and in the future?

Michael: Well, I’ve learnt a lot, but to mention a few; I have come to realize that human being is wired with the tendency to get used to anything either bad or good, but only few who are willing to look beyond the situation would come out stronger.

Also sometimes when we have access to a great number of resources, we tend to want to devour all at once. I’ve learnt in this time, that focusing energy on learning a thing per time is the key to excellence.

Yeah, it’s cool to have an idea about this and that, but it’s also great to be able to solve problems. “Ideas don’t make the food”.

We have to take the time to put those ideas into use. So, I have learnt to spend more time getting to be better at a skill that comes naturally even while learning the basics of others.

And finally, I’ve learnt to look at a better alternative when proffering solutions. Sometimes solutions need to be at its best to work.

Now, when ideas drop in mind, as @FashDami has taught me, I pen it down and then take my time to see every angle, by so doing I get even better and more efficient options. And it also helps to see the dream more clearly.

Prikkle Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion?

Michael: I’ll share one key thing I’ve learnt so far in my training at the academy.

Michael @oluyomi_shola: "Be the best of yourself, set SMART goals and don't stop volunteering (be-ing of help), it doesn't have to always come with cash". By so doing things would work out just fine. #AskOurChampion Click To Tweet

Prikkle Academy: Thanks a lot, Michael for coming on #AskOurChampion tonight.So many lessons and practical insights for use now and for the future. Do have a restful evening.

#AskOurChampion – Amalu Chijioke Never Be Met Unprepared

We are glad to have you here with us today, Chijioke.

 Can you please introduce yourself to everyone reading this?

Chijoke: I am a National Diploma holder in Computer science from the institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu. I currently work with Rex Graphics printing press in Abuja, Nigeria.

I’m an advocate of equal opportunity and quality education. I love to share opportunities with people around and also help them reach their goals. I help businesses grow their customer base with print media Ads & online Ads.

You have spent a few months with us. We will like to hear about your experience.

#AskOurChampion - Amalu_Chijioke Prikkle Academy

Prikkle Academy: How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy?

Chijioke: My journey with @PrikkleAcademy has been eyes opening, engaging and insightful.

I have already known the academy since 2016 though online through Facebook, but I was receiving values from his posts and calls from time to time.

Fast forward to 2018 when I came to Abuja for Industrial training and was opportune to me @FashDami live via a training he organized with @moyo_oladayo tagged “Global Access Masterclass” and after the class, I inquired about the academy.

December 2019, I was shortlisted and interviewed. I joined the social media team of the academy. From there on everything changed. Until I got on board with the academy I was less focused, moving on Autopilot. But now it seems 24 hours is no longer enough for me.

I have met mentors here who have helped my personal development in so many ways. Team meetings, tasks to complete, creative posts and asking critical questions are what have pushed me to where I am now. I keep learning.

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “Never Be Met Unprepared” Can you please give us more details about this?

Chijioke: Just like in the Bible, Noah prepared for the flood by building an Ark. Even as he did, so many did not prepare with him and they were swept away by the flood. Now in our own case scenario, we did not know Corona virus was coming until it was upon us.

But how prepared are we post Covid19? Some many lives were in a fix just because we were not prepared and precious lives were also lost. Businesses closing up. Now what are you doing to turn the tide?

How prepared are you or have you been met unprepared? What new ways of doing things globally have you learned, what new tools are you working with? Are you comfortable with the way things are moving online now or you still stuck with the old norm. Get prepared.

Prikkle Academy: As we wrap up for tonight, In 2 sentences, what are your parting words to everyone reading today’s

Chijioke @AmaluChijioke: I will say consistency has been the key for me since I joined Prikkle Academy. Helping others with what you know is the biggest way of developing yourself. #AskOurChampion Click To Tweet

Prikkle Academy: Thank you so much @AmaluChijioke for coming on #AskOurChampion today and for sharing beautiful insights to get us moving and thriving in all circumstances. Do have a great evening.

#AskOurChampion – Balogun Abubakar Take Advantage of the Crisis

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself?

Abubakar: I’m a Motion Designer, Programmer, and DIY Hobbyist. I develop engineering projects to stimulate grassroots talents. Currently, I am working as a global correspondent for Development Innovative Insider – a Hong Kong-based Media publication where I am reporting on global affairs.

Prikkle Academy: How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy for the past 3+ years?

Abubakar: My experience with Prikkle Academy has fantastic just as it was 4 years ago. It was the beginning of my self-inquiry journey when I was having this feeling of giving back to my community.

I had a vision about how the world should look like, but I couldn’t find people with common grounds to share my ambition with. When I discovered an organization named Prikkle Academy, it was a game-changer for me.

I made a decision to join Prikkle Academy in July 2016, and that “decision” changed the course of my trajectory. Fast forward to the present, it is hard to imagine my life without mentioning Prikkle Academy.

Through Prikkle Academy, I have experienced tremendous growth, networked, secured international opportunities, and serves as a spokesperson on several occasions.

#AskOurChampion - Abubakar_Balogun - Prikkle Academy

Prikkle Academy; We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “Taking Advantage of the Crisis” Can you share more about this?

Abubakar: Apparently, the world will continue to be hit many humanitarian crises, the action taken by every individual afterwards will be the decisive factor whether we will continue to remain at the top of the ladder.

For instance, after World War 2, people thought the world had come to an end. But, in the face of the crisis, the world evolved, bounced back stronger, wealthier than ever. A new world’s superpower emerged and those who couldn’t innovate retrogressed.

Now it is the Coronavirus crisis, many lives have been lost, some children became motherless due to the menace. We are seeing how companies are innovating to remain on top, we are seeing how some companies are shutting down while at the same time, we are witnessing the upraising birth of new startups.

Now it is up to you and I to take advantage of the crisis to strategize. If we will have to start from scratch, let’s do it. Otherwise, we will remain a mere shadow of our former self as time passes. Thank you.

Prikkle Academy: From the initiatives you got involved in during this pandemic, what are the practical lessons you learned, that you will like to share?

Abubakar: One core lesson overshadows others! I learned how to pay attention instead of selling attention. When you learned how to pay rapt attention, you understand the nature of the problem from other’s points of view.

You learned how to mobilize and inspire others because they believe you understand them intimately. Selling attention is for the losers.

Prikkle Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion?

Abubakar @AmAbzyno: I will leave everyone with the word of Paul Polman. "Never waste a good crisis." Start Now! Take advantage of the crisis. Click To Tweet

Prikkle Academy: Awesome. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for all the wisdom you have shared tonight on #AskOurChampion. Do have a restful evening.

#AskOurChampion – Moyosoluwa Oladayo Take Advantage of the Crisis

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself to the world, reading this?

Moyosoluwa: I am the founder of Global Access MasterClass; an initiative set up to empower young professionals on how to access, explore and maximize opportunities in the global community. I am a member of the Civil Service of Nigeria and a coordinator of @sdgsthursday

I volunteer with various organizations in Nigeria and across the globe. As a development worker, I am passionate about the UN Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals) and promoting Volunteerism for Development.

Prikkle Academy: You probably know when Prikkle Academy had not started and when it started. You are one of our Advisory Board Member over the past months. How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy then and now?

#AskOurChampion - Moyosoluwa Oladayo - Prikkle_Academy

Moyosoluwa: My experience with @PrikkleAcademy can be summarize as GIFT.

I officially joined the team in 2019 as a member of the Board of Advisory. The journey has been a learning process to better understand the beauty of community projects, the struggles and the untold success story of an average child in Nigeria rural communities.

My engagement with @PrikkleAcademy made me place value on what I would have typically not seen as important. This has greatly added value to my growth and my wealth of experience as a programme manager in the development space and it is applicable to my everyday life.

I have worked with this team and I am glad to see rapid growth in little time. I call Prikkle Academy a local-global NGO because the team is not limited by their scope or size but they continually mark their space in the global community.

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered with: “Nurture The Phases” Can you share more about this?

Moyosoluwa: Nurture the Phases. This is dear to me because life has thought me that we do not become something until we have proven to have learnt from our experiences.

Life comes in phases and the experience could either be beautiful or ugly. The process could be smooth with much great news and sometimes the chips are low and you want to bow your head in shame but in all, do not lose focus on the learning.

I will allow you into some few phases in my career journey. Corp member > Well-paid job > No job > volunteering > opportunities galore.

As a young graduate, I got a well-paid job the month I was about to complete my NYSC program with an international non-governmentalorganization. Few years down the line, I lost the job.

I was out of full time paid job for almost 4 years. Then, lo and behold I got a job and lots of volunteering positions and then doors kept opening and still opening.

My watchword has always been to learn everything that comes with the package. They were not all rosy but because I learnt the process, own both the achievements and the failures and appreciate both the gains and the pains in each process.

I grew to nurture them till I could understand the process, share it in a way that it becomes a solution to anyone who might be going through similar issues and it has become my story and the key to open doors.

Prikkle Academy: What are the practical things or skills you have learned during the pandemic that you are holding on to now and in the future?

Moyosoluwa: I have learnt to take life easy, take holidays, find time to rest, spend quality time with family (the best support system), and be deliberate in taking actions.

Appreciate communal living (during this period, people were able to look out for each other in their communities with the common one being sharing of palliatives.)

Prikkle Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion to everyone reading this?

Moyosoluwa @moyo_oladayo: 1. When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it but do not forget to make the unique lemonade that validates you and your experience. Click To Tweet

Prikkle Academy: It’s wrap! Thank you so much for taking out time and coming on #AskOurChampion tonight.

#AskOurChampion – Oluwatimilehin Onafeso The Springtime: From Withering To Bloom

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself to the world? #AskOurChampion

Oluwatimilehin: I’m an innovative and intercultural program manager with 8 years of experience in managing/ coordinating education and health projects across different communities and countries.

Social Entrepreneur and youth development specialist. Helping vulnerable youth connect to their inner-self, identify and unleash their hidden potentials/talents.

I enjoy impacting lives across different cultures because I believe our strengths lie in our differences. I’m at my best when I’m with vulnerable children because unlike society, I see values in their vulnerability.

#AskOurChampion - Oluwatimilehin Onafeso - Prikkle Academy

Prikkle Academy: How’s been your journey (before and now) with Prikkle Academy?

Oluwatimilehin: Prikkle Academy gave me a leap in my career – I got my first appointment as a board member of an organization with Prikkle Academy. This has opened so many doors of opportunities for me in my career development.

Also I’m glad to be a part of a moving vehicle impacting lives in rural communities across Africa.

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “The Springtime – from withering to bloom” Can you share more about this?

Oluwatimilehin: Before now, precisely in the past 3 years, it’s been like my life was taking a reverse from what it used to be career-wise. It felt like I was withering – losing my glamour, my passion and my reason for existence; but now things are improving.

I found my passion about 16 years ago, which helped me choose my career, and it’s been progressive all along until 3 years ago when I became a sit-at-home mom, and just couldn’t figure out what to do with my life apart from being a mother.

But thanks to the compulsory lockdown, I started allowing myself to spring again. I decided I was going to maximize the time, here am I today having this wonderful opportunity to share. 2020 has been a year of moving from dormancy to relevance

Between February 2020 and now, I’ve been interviewed on major social media platforms to share my stories – Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and now Twitter, all because I decided to revisit my dreams and reasons for existence.

In sharing my stories with people, I am finding myself again and most importantly I’m being a blessing to many. What more is life? If not to be a blessing to humanity by unleashing the potentials that God has put in us all.

So I kind of stopped in the 3 years, and since I’ve decided to spring again, I applied for a professional program in a prestigious business school, but I was rejected based on age. I am a few months above the age limit for the application

Do not stop trying until you win. It doesn’t matter who is behind the door, keep knocking, when your noise becomes unbearable they might just open the door for you. Nothing now can stop me from being all that God wants me to be.

Instead of accepting the rejection, I decided to write the school and expressed my unhappiness for being not selected based on age. As we all know age is not supposed to be used against anyone especially from learning.

The solution to what we face on the outside is right there within/inside us. Once the battle is won on the inside, everything on the outside will bow to the victory within.

Okay so let me share this experience with everyone. Before the last 3 years of my life, I’d been actively involved in global learning. I constantly improve my skills and knowledge for personal and professional purposes.

Before now, I didn’t have such courage to send that kind of email, but I sent it anyway, the worst they would ignore it. But they didn’t. To my surprise, I received another email of selection a few days to the commencement of the program.

If there is anything I have learnt from this lockdown and I’m willing to hold on to in the future is majorly “never to give up”.

Prikkel Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion?

Oluwatimilehin: Identify what God wants you to do with your life, and soak yourself into it. With Him on your side, nothing will be impossible for you.

.@TimiOnafeso: No matter what life throws at you, always remember there will never be a year without the spring season. You can and will always spring again, if only you don't give up on God and yourself. Click To Tweet

#AskOurChampion – David Gbikeke The Momentum

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself? #AskOurChampion

David: I am Ogagaoghene David Gbikeke, from Delta State; an accountant by profession and a community Champion Volunteer with @PrikkleAcademyI’m enthusiastic about personal growth and development.

Prikkle Academy: We are happy to have you since December 2019. If you look back over the past months. How will you describe your journey with Prikkle Academy?

David: For me, @PrikkleAcademyhas been a school where the lead is @fashdami where I get the requisite learning experience, as it demands accountability, paradigm shift, motivation, especially taking actionable steps towards achieving an end.

#AskOurChampion -David_Gbikeke -Prikkle_Academy

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” Within a few minutes, you answered with: “The Momentum” Now, give us more insight on that page. Please, share more about “The Momentum.

David: The Momentum: If you take an analysis of your life’s journey and discover, it’ll take 5 years to be the man of your dream, what will you do differently to get there sooner?

You have to identify the work and put in the time. As a matter of fact, the sixth sense must be in motion.

The pandemic created a disruption; for some, it was a standstill, for others, a retrogression. Whatever the case is, everyone wishes to cover up for the lose/gap. This is what momentum entails.

Momentum requires you find a ground and develop extraordinary might in creating the impression of your dream. So that at the end you’d look back and be grateful for that which you were able to accomplish over a short time.

Like you said, the corona virus pandemic happened to everyone and it impacted people in different ways.

Prikkle Academy: What are the practical things you have learned during the pandemic that you are holding on to now and in the future?

David: I will say I have developed proper networking skills.

I got a lot more clarity through interacting with people who are years in experience ahead of me which had led me into the fundamentals of marketing. Although, I’m still a newbie.

I got a lot more clarity through interacting with people who are years in experience ahead of me which had led me into the fundamentals of marketing. Although, I’m still a newbie.

In marketing, branding comes before the potential market.

Networking requires politeness and the ability to appeal to need other than the heart. In simple terms, find a need to solve and pitch yourself in that manner.

Prikkle Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion

David @Dae_viid: We should be able to identify our own pace with which we can connect success whilst moving progressively. Our journey is strictly ours to walk. Click To Tweet

AskOurChampion – Olanase Yezid – Keeping the Fire Burning

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself to the whole world reading this? #AskOurChampion

Yezid: I am a computer science student at the University of Ilorin. I’m a programmer, I love reading and travelling on the web. I also believe in making my own impact in my community which is one of the reasons why I love to volunteer.

Prikkle Academy: Yes, you love to volunteer and we are privileged to have you as one with us. How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy?

Yezid: It’s a privilege to be part of the academy. My journey with Prikkle Academy has been enlightening and wonderful, in the beginning, I actually doubted how impactful I would be on the mission of the academy

But I was shown the power of good research by @FashDami. Also, having colleagues that are eager and ready to help has been an amazing experience for me.

AskOurChampion - Olanase_Yezid - Prikkle_Academy

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “Keeping that Fire Burning” Can you share more about this?

Yezid: If I may rephrase my response a bit, I will say, “keep the fire burning and a breakthrough might just be ahead”. Last year if you had asked me what I am, I wouldn’t say a programmer but I have been programming since around 2017.

But thanks be to God and me keeping at it, I am finally having a go at it and making progress with it which has been a fulfilling experience. This time has really been a growth period for me especially on things I have been at for a while.

Prikkle Academy: What are the things, practical skills or activities you have added to yourself during the pandemic that you are holding on to now and in the future?

Yezid: I will definitely say my problem-solving skills, really honed it this time around, and making a decision because I was really faced with making a decision about my time with all the lockdown and everything being on a kind of hold.

I figured out my way of learning and finally having a sketch of whatever I want to do.

Prikkle Academy: You’ve shared punchy and insightful points tonight. We know there is a lot more you’ll like to say. In 2 sentences, what are your parting shots on today’s #AskOurChampion?

Yezid @Olanaseyezid: I will like to say, I believe you are allowed to take your time to figure out what you want to do. Seek advice and it's good to pray on decisions. Click To Tweet

AskOurChampion – Abdulraheem Adam – The Action Point

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself to everyone reading from everywhere? #AskOurChampion

Adam: I’m an international digital marketing consultant and social entrepreneur with over 3 years of professional experience.

My team and I have helped over 80 brands and professionals in various fields to increase their brand exposure, conversion, and build solid brand recognition online.

Before I ventured into Digital Marketing, I have over five years of experience in the non-profit sector in West Africa and Asia, igniting change in rural communities through agribusiness, innovative education, and showcasing grassroots initiatives (I still do this till now).

AskOurChampion - Abdulraheem_Adam -Prikkle_Academy

Prikkle Academy: It’s so exciting to see all the amazing work you have done. Our participants have also enjoyed your gifts and skills. How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy, sharing and learning?

Adam: I became part of Prikkle Academy few months after it was found in 2016, first as a partner organization (Afon Volunteers Initiative) then I upheaved into becoming a key stakeholder and full team member.

I have worked on many significant projects with the team/organization which includes;

• Establishment of the first-ever Grassroots “Makerspace” in Nigeria

Innovative Classroom Project for rural school children

• And Collaborative Community Program.

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “The Action Plan” Can you share more about this?

Adam: Yes, if my life was a book I would have titled the current page (COVID period) “The Action Point” because the COVID period has been a great learning period for many. However, I used the bigger part of the period to take “Actions” on some projects.

Pre-COVID, I have always been engaged with one project or the other but the COVID period gave me the opportunity to reflect and focus on some important projects I needed to embark on. I have successfully completed some of them during the lockdown.

While some are still in the pipeline, for example, we are launching a new business into the Nigerian entertainment industry which will be launched very soon.

That and many other projects have been my major action points during the COVID period, which is why I would call this current page of my life “The Action Point” if my life was a book.

Prikkle Academy: What are the practical lessons and life skills you have learned during the pandemic that you are holding on to now and in the future?

Adam: To always stay prepared!! That was another thing that helped me during the COVID because I got an opportunity to partake in some major events and most of what was required are things I have acquired pre-COVID.

And I will end this section with a quote from John Wooden “When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.”

Prikkle Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion to everyone reading?

Adam @Adamprofile: I will like to quote @JohnObidi in one of his popular statements during this pandemic which is “COVID didn’t happen to us, IT HAPPENS FOR US” Click To Tweet

AskOurChampion – Akinniyi Oluwasegun – The Momentun

Prikkle Academy: Can we please meet you? Tell us about yourself. #AskOurChampion

Segun: I am a trained as an Engineer but I call myself a Tech-Change Catalyst. I have worked on several cutting-edge tech designs across borders,  currently researching on Brain-inspired robots.

AskOurChampion - Akinniy_Oluwasegun - Prikkle_Academy

Prikkle Academy: We met you in the most unusual way, about 3 years ago. Please, share with us, how’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy?

Segun: Starting as a volunteer Engineer with Prikkle Academy was an eye-opener for me, especially in the area of STEM for rural kids. Firstly, I got the opportunity to challenge myself while helping others, especially with my indigenous “Yoruba” Language.

Secondly, I unlearned a lot about education and also learnt a lot about volunteering with no resources. The resourcefulness & creativity displayed at Prikkle Academy is second-to-non. Indeed we turned “trash-to-toys”

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “The Momentum” Can you share more about this?

Segun: The Momentum succeeds the drive to reach a goal, it has to be sustained from the get-go to the last lap. Keeping the momentum in all we do requires a lot, especially consistency, this is an art that must be learnt.

At this stage of my life, I have realized that indeed I must keep increasing the Momentum, it is the fulcrum of the Machine. Thank you.

Prikkle Academy: Can you share just 1 thing you have enjoyed momentum on, that has yielded great results?

Segun: I did my M.Sc research diligently, from that we won a grant worth thousands $$$, a sponsorship, 2 expense paid trip abroad, 2 personal grants.

Prikkle Academy: Boom! Yes. This is such great news. Congrats on leveraging momentum to achieve these feats. What are the life skills or things you have learned during the pandemic that you are holding on to now and in the future?

Segun @akinsegunAOT: Find a support system & hold it firm: My network was really supportive at this time, I could easily reach out for help because I have stayed in touch. Click To Tweet

Stay Hungry: I applied for all relevant openings I can find, and unbelievably I got all, all! My confidence is now top-notch.

Mental Health: Just like we eat to grow and live, I now cherish the need to always pause in order to reflect/meditate.

Finally, Be Happy: A happy mind is a healthy mind and vice versa. I have learnt to stay happy, this is a top priority for me onwards.

Prikkle Academy: In 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion?

Segun @akinsegunAOT: If you seek peace be still, if you seek wisdom be silent, if you seek love be yourself. Click To Tweet

#AskOurchampion – Jake Effoduh – Broken Crayons Still Colour

Prikkle Academy: Can you please introduce yourself to everyone reading? #AskOurChampion

Jake: My name is Jake Okechukwu Effoduh. I am a Lawyer and Partner at @PraxisGnosisLaw and also a Grad Student of @OsgoodeNews. I serve on the board of @PrikkleAcademy and passionate about Human Rights in Africa.

Thank you for having me on #AskOurChampion! I am grateful for the invitation and I look forward to an engaging chat with you.

Prikkle Academy: You knew Prikkle Academy before we started and you were instrumental during our registration and much more as our board. How’s been your journey with Prikkle Academy ?

Jake: My journey with @PrikkleAcademy started when @FashDami shared the vision of the organization with me. Being a human rights lawyer, this resonated with me and I was happy to have facilitated the registration of the Academy. I also obliged the invite to serve on the board.

What started as a convoy when @FashDami and I met at a #SocialGoodAmbassadors convening in Abuja, developed into an org that establishes creative centres for young people to collaborate, identify the social problems within their community, and become problem-solvers through virtual and peer-to-peer learning.

My journey with @PrikkleAcademy has been a rewarding one. I am really grateful and honored to witness the immense level of impact that the organization is making! I am also proud of @FashDami leadership in this process.

AskOurChampion - Jake Effoduh - Prikkle_Academy

Prikkle Academy: We asked, “If your life was a book, what will be the title of your current page?” You answered: “Broken Crayons Still Colour” Can you share more about this?

Jake: I believe that within every human being is a color, or set of colours (I personally liken myself to a box of crayons). So, if my life was a book, the current page would likely be titled: “Broken Crayons Still Colour”

This is because right from my childhood, up till now, I have been severely broken by people and several life experiences — enough to completely rip me off from existence or any feeling worth.

But I challenged myself to never let my brokenness stop me and you never can tell, it may just become a masterpiece 🙂

Prikkle Academy: Jake, for example, you made an International Trip even during this coronavirus lockdown. What are the life lessons you have gained during this global pandemic, that you are holding on to now and in the future?

Jake: I took a risk by taking an international trip at this time. But I had to. I’d to come to support my family who are really struggling now. I didn’t want to remain in another country and leave my siblings and dependents helpless. I came back home regardless and it has been worth it.

I learned 8 things from this coronavirus pandemic:

1. Human life is short and more delicate than I thought.

2. My health, no matter how assured, is tied to health of other people. Healthcare is a human right!

3. We must learn to listen to science and not just religion

4. I have to quickly adapt or I may become useless. Also, access to internet should be considered fundamental now.

5. Civil liberties face their greatest test during a pandemic and public trust is a government’s most valuable asset. Leaders who deny science are a liability.

6. Self-sufficiency and the ability to “manage” is important for survival. But austerity and inequality make us less resilient. This is why poor people should matter as much as the rich.

7. Creative partnerships and the digital economy can advance our work via @PrikkleAcademy

8. While coping with the crisis, I have an opportunity to rediscover basic values of humanity and the bonds that connects me to others. I now have it in my hands to lay the foundation for the new era we have entered into. Tough times they say, don’t last, but tough people do.

Prikkle Academy”: Jake, in 2 sentences, what is your parting shot on today’s #AskOurChampion and to everyone out there during this coronavirus pandemic?

Jake: Things may not be good right now but #ItGetsBetter if we keep trying. I tell myself this often. Broken crayons can still colour and can even make great art. Click To Tweet

Thank you so much for having me today on #AskOurChampion and kudos to the amazing job at Prikkle Academy!

What is your dynamic story during the coronavirus pandemic too? Please share it in the comment box below.

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