Prikkle Academy is set out to inspire and empower young people across Africa and we’ve stayed true to that vision for years. We don’t take lightly our people who are helping our cause throughout the continent.

After rounds of interviews with prospective Volunteers, a series of meetings with the members of the recruitment team and exciting 10-day training onboarding, we are excited to welcome our new volunteers to the Prikkle Academy team.

Meet Charity Joan Aramide – Research Assistant

Charity Aramide

Charity is a Poet and blogger.

She is currently getting her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile – Ife, Nigeria. She is passionate about gender equality and is an advocate against all forms of discriminatory practices. She loves analyzing people and is very fond of cats.

Unusual Things About Charity: She loves analyzing people and is very fond of cats.

Meet Isack Edward Bikula – Community Champion

Isack Edward

Isack is a development Practitioner who has a deep passion to intensify socio-economic changes in the community. He loves listening to speeches from different people and getting involved with the community members and dancing.

Unusual Thing About Isack: He enjoyed listening to speeches from different people.

Meet Amarachi Okafor – Community Champion

Amarachi Okafor

Amarachi is a teacher who is passionate about girl child education and youth development.

Unusual Thing About Amarachi: She loves to make everyone around her happy.

Meet Ipinmoroti Deborah Ifeoluwa – Social Media Manager

Deborah Ipinmoroti

Deborah is a multifaceted, purpose-driven young lady who explores different aspects of life (Health, Photography, Research, Volunteerism, Writing, etc).

She is a graduate of Physiology from the Prestigious University of Ilorin, looking forward to pursuing her Masters’s Degree in Public Health.

She’s currently serving in Kano state, Nigeria. Her love for capturing moments and documentation led her to photography and content creation

Unusual things about Deborah: She loves helping others grow and she writes poems and love in her personal space.

Meet Roselyn Dzanja – Research Assistant

Roselyn Dzanja

Roselyn is a Malawian theatre practitioner and a researcher. 

She currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities from the University of Malawi.  She is a registered foster parent under the Zomba social welfare. 

She is passionate about the arts (Drama, dance, music, and fine art), young people, and street-connected children and is an advocate against gender-based violence.

Unusual Things About Roselyn: She cries a lot and she thinks the ability to cry when she’s down has made her persevere in situations and see things to an end.

Fazirah Mugala – Community Champion

Fazirah Mugala

Fazirah is a devoted Community Empowerment Champion who is driven by the passion for sustainable development; keeping in mind the uniqueness that our cultures bring on the development path.

David Muchangi – Code Club lead

Over the next 3 – 4 months, we’ll be sharing the works, ideas and innovations of these amazing and purpose-driven team members.

They will be getting out of their comfort zones, drilling themselves into massive growth while sharing their talents and deftness with the communities we work with.

Welcome on board! We are super excited to have you with us 🙂