Collaboration is one of the key themes on which Prikkle Academy runs her programs. We are convinced that innovation and creativity is encouraged when people of different ages, experience, strengths and talents share ideas to create sustainable social change.

Prikkle_Academy_Signs_MOU_With_Mollyfrank_NigeriaIt is with this above mindset, that Mollyfrank Nigeria Limited, an ICT and Research Institute located at Obudu, CrossRiver State, Nigeria, decided to sign a 5-year strategic memorandum of understanding with Prikkle Academy in June, 2016 to foster enlightenment and access of rural communities to information technology.

Mrs. Maria Njar, the MD/CEO of Mollyfrank Nigeria Limited, while speaking at the signing of the partnership, noted that Prikkle Academy‘s vision of inspiring African youths (especially in rural communities) to translate their education into social solutions, is a worthy cause that is long overdue to happen. She said, Mollyfrank has seen the trend of ignorance that has led to poverty, unemployment and social vices in the last 12 years of her existence, therefore, partnering with Prikkle Academy will help them to make more impact and encourage more synergy between neighboring communities and state.

The Chief Listener of Prikkle Academy, Mr Fasoranti Damilola, commended on the effort of Mollyfrank Nigeria Limited for their relentless effort of in opening up ICT-related opportunities for the communities in Obudu and Ogoja in Cross River State, Vandeikya in Benue State and the Cameroons. It takes doggedness and great passion to take up such huge task. He said, Prikkle Academy is happy to work together with Mollyfrank Nigeria Limited to bridge the digital gap between the rural and urban communities in Nigeria.

So far more organizations with similar goals are willing to collaborate with other organizations for the development of the nation, the faster and more effective will be the rate of development in the world. Collaboration has become a huge 21st century skill that individuals and organizations must master to be able to thrive within their circle of influence and beyond.

To many more years of continued empowerment of African citizens, Mollyfrank Nigeria Limited and Prikkle Academy will keep blazing the social change trail.

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