In Nigeria, Children’s Day was established as a holiday in 1964 and since then it has been celebrated every 27th of May in Nigeria.

The day is usually a public holiday for Primary and Secondary school children and many private and public organizations usually put together children’s party for privileged and less privileged children in a bid to give them a sense of belonging.

At Prikkle Academy, it’s our practice to celebrate the children in a unique way as we are known for helping children and adult to discover their talents and support them to take their own decisions in finding solutions to pressing problems in their community.  

This year’s May 27th was not an exemption as our team (and friends of Prikkle Academy) brought Children together from six different public and private primary schools in Asa LGA, Kwara State Nigeria to participate on our creativity competition and different kinds of energizing games to make the day a memorable one for them.

Part of the activities that happened during this year’s celebration was a creativity competition between the participating schools, where each school was asked to create whatever creative things they usually create at home or in their school and are most proud of.


The competition turned out well as the kids were able to create different kinds of amazing toys within a short period of time.

The children also participated in different kinds of engaging and energizing games to make them feel excited and imbibe teamwork spirit in them as most of the games required team participation.


To grace the event, we were joined by people from inside and outside of our host community namely; Ilorin and Oyo State, Nigeria.

For us, 2019 Children day was a great success not because it was another holiday but because it was another chance to put a smile on the face of young children and enable them to see value in themselves by celebrating the creative things they are beaten to stop doing by the society and their parents every day.


Prikkle Academy…inspiring community builders.