Prikkle Academy - Innovative Classroom2It will not cost any school a fortune to infuse creativity and innovation in the activities students engage in while in school. There is an urgent need to question the idea of the teacher giving all the knowledge and the students consuming it without questioning or provoking their thoughts.

At Prikkle Academy, we relentlessly work to any community we work with through what they have – assets. This is same approach we used to re-introduce the importance of creativity at R.C.M Primary School, Ikpokpo in Mbaduku, Vandeikya Local Government of Benue State, Nigeria.

Though, walking through the streets of this community, you will notice little children that have made their toys from the trash around their houses, but we wondered why we didn’t find any of such things happening in the school.

So, we began to gather paper, brooms, thread, paints, water straw and so on that we could readily find within the community and we made out our toys with the students from the school.

When learning is fun, the face and the heart of the child glows like the midday sun. This is exactly the reaction of the students when our team at Prikkle Academy engaged these students.

Prikkle Academy - Innovative ClassroomAlthough, it was hard to have many materials to work with especially unused materials and there was no access to computers, internet or electricity whereby the students will have been able to watch or search for innovative projects to develop, that did not stop us from making whistles out of water straw, flying birds out of paper and different types of caps out of paper.

With your support in terms of educational resources, finances, innovative books and your volunteering to be part of this amazing work, we will be reach more schools like this, set up an innovation centre in their community and make very interesting projects.

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