We all missed it.

We have waited all along for its comeback.

Now, it finally returned and it has come to stay – PrikkleAcademy Innovative Classrooms.

Our team has been interfacing with the community youths more towards the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

We are working on a fantastic plan that will make learning easy, fun and cool all day and all night. We are putting together something that will break the infrastructural barrier in grassroots communities from accessing quality and lifelong education.

The way Prikkle Academy works is that the people in a community has the greatest power and in fact has the solutions to any of their community problems by leveraging on personal and community asset.

That is why we have faced that area – the future of today – the youths of Afon Community in Kwara State, Nigeria to flesh out how to make all forms of Education in the community relevant, tangible and excellent.

While we were so engaged in that, it suddenly struck us that we were leaving the children out of the show – we were inadvertently excusing the uniqueness, curiosity and creativity of the children from the solution.

Therefore, we took up again the mantle of our Innovation Classroom Project and we have been able to reach 5 (still in discussion with 2 of them) rural schools around Afon Community in the past 2 months.

We have had a lot of lessons from our engagements with these children. They have shown to us that they don’t have to be forced or beaten to learn.


They have shown us that learning happens instantly when we allow it to come from the craving of our heart, what we enjoy, what brings happiness, what taps into our strength.

We keep learning, unlearning, relearning and sharing with these children as they identify their potentials and share their ingenuity with the world.

Won’t you join us on this noble mission?