Trash to toy Project: Participants showcasing their elephants molded from clay.

Did you know that the present school system was created over 150 years ago to meet up with the demand for laborers to fulfill the boom of industrial revolution of 19th century?

Are you aware that today’s industries no longer need hundreds of thousands of people to work for their company which has resulted into mass unemployment?

Now we ask, if the new economy needs people who can think, create and invent change, why does the traditional school system keep on training people how to obey instructions, and not how to create and invent new ways of doing things?

While we all wait to hear your feedback from the schools, we have started something that will inspire and empower many nations of the world starting from the grassroots.

We can’t fold our hands and merely wait. We know that we shouldn’t give up on our goal to help every child to have access to another form of education which can help them break their limits and achieve beyond their faith. So, what are we doing?

Imagine what the world look like if everyone has discovered almost all what they are capable of when they were kids?

Imagine what your life will look like today if you had discovered all what you are capable of as kid and gradually grow into that every day?

Imagine how big your dream will be if you knew you could achieve anything you want when you were kid?

Your imagination is what we are making real for every kids and youth in Afon community (Kwara State, Nigeria).

In December 2017, we started a project to challenge the creativity of school children in and around Afon community, in Kwara State, Nigeria by allowing them to turn what everybody considered as resources (sorry, TRASH) into TOY.

We are excited to announce that we won the Solution Fund Award from IDEAS for Us as a huge support to implement this project – Innovative Classroom: Trash To Toy Project.

{Solution Fund from IDEAS for Us is a microgrant  of $1000 awarded for you to fund your innovative solutions, click HERE to find out more)

This project is to build their confidence of the children and youth, nurture their creativity and help them to be more engaged even in their formal classrooms; freely they will have access to tools and online resources, which will allow them to learn through practical and hands-on experiences.

With the trash to toy project, we let them know that it’s okay to fail if they’re going to try again.

#Trash2Toy Project: Creating beautiful wristbands from water straws

In the past 2 months, we have helped 50 participants to discover more than 50 undiscovered gifts and talents within them, which got them excited and ready to learn more about themselves.

Also, we have allowed 40 kids to operate laptops for the first time in their life and expose them to the power of internet and how seamless their dreams can come alive with the help of the internet – access to knowledge, collaboration and opportunities.

In the weeks ahead, we plan to train these kids on basic electronics and how to use it to solve real life problem like security, corruption, and poverty.

However, the project will last till March 2018, so stay tuned for more updates as we turn these children and youths into creators rather than mere consumers.

We ask, if you cannot use your mind and hands to create your desired life, how then can you prove that you are educated?